Welcome to Strongarm Barbeque

Growing up in the South you are surrounded by barbeque and my upbringing was no different.  Our favorite place was called B's Barbeque on Nebraska Ave. in Central Florida.  It was the ultimate dive where the staff had a sweet and salty disposition.  Maybe it was because they were usually ex convicts getting back into the swing of things, maybe it was the ankle tracers they still had attached, or maybe it was the bullet hole in the window.  We were there multiple times every week and it became my first favorite restaurant.  However divey they may have been, they took their barbeque seriously.  Their ribs and pulled pork were perfect.  I would eat as much of their garlic bread as I could get my hands on and douse everything in sauce.  Eating barbeque is simply the best type of dining there is.  I have had the good fortune to dine at some of the finest establishments around the world and they were all amazing but when you get to sit at a shitty table covered in protective plastic and eat with your hands without a care in the world, that's the feeling I try to get to.  There is no better "dining" experience.

But that's not really the reason this exists.  This was, or maybe it still is, a hobby that a friend convinced me to turn into a company.  I come from the world of high fashion and I design clothing.  When I am home, I cook and when I cook its usually on the grill.  So I started making homemade sauces to make more of a mess and took some of the sauce to a fashion show for my friends and colleagues.  We were in New York and in between meetings the crew got together and we started throwing names around and ended up landing on an old nickname of mine from when I was 20 working at the surf shop in Laguna Beach.  Strongarm Barbeque was born right then and there.  If I was going to go down this route I wanted to approach it the same way I do with fashion.  I wanted it to be beautiful, compelling, and thoughtful.  The bottles are imported from France and are supposed to be used for high-end spirits.  The sauce is produced with all-natural ingredients and bottled in Southern California.  We use Early Times Whiskey because that's what my grandmother enjoyed exclusively.  We use a natural ghost pepper extract to ensure that the heat will be equally divided in each batch.  We use fresh vegetables and a handful of spices for a flavor completely unique but familiar at the same time.

The highest grade inputs equate to the highest grade outputs.  

I hope this sauce, and the others coming down the pipeline, bring your family together to make a mess, enjoy time with one another, to be neighborly, and to be collective.  Barbeque is about community.

I'd like to thank you for being here and thank you for enjoying barbeque in all it's glory.  Take care.